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Leading Indian Electrical Cable Manufacturer Improves Maintenance Efficiency With Wire Rope Lubricants


Statistical surveying predicts that the electric wire and cable market in India will grow consistently in future. The wire and cable industry analysis identifies the growth in renewable power generation to be one of the primary factors for the growth of the electric cable and wire market. The focus of several countries across world to commercialize renewable power generation will create a significant demand not only for electrical wires and cables but also wire ropes for a smooth conduct of work process of various applications.
Experiencing this business growth, one of the leading Indian cable manufacturer with widest product range that has been established since 1962 were seeking a solution to their current issue of Wire Rope Breakages during operation.
MOSIL studied their challenges and discussed their expectations prior to providing them with a solution by way of a unique wire rope grease that not only increases the wire rope’s service life but also helped the customer to save Lakhs of rupees over the overall maintenance of the wire.
"Not just the wire rope cost, but also the Labour cost has been reduced"


MOSIL offered a solution that covered all the challenges faced by the company. MOSIL WR – 100, a high-quality Industrial lubricant blended with solid lubricants and additives such as rust prevention and corrosion protection, antioxidants, etc. was offered as a solution to the current challenges of the customer. Special additives that are incorporated in the product modified the surface tension of the product to help it penetrate to the innermost cores of the wire rope.
This not only provides high antiwear and load-carrying capacity but also provides rust protection and oxidation stability for high temperature and heavy-duty applications. The boundary lubrication provided by Molybdenum reduces the standard wear and enhanced the life of the Wire Rope.